Exclusive Privacy Magnetic Glass Phone Case With 360° Protection ( Vivo )

Model:  Vivo S18 Pro
Color:  Blue
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The Stealth Case is the perfect way to keep your phone safe and secure.

✔ High quality Steel and Temperred Glass.

✔ Privacy screen keeps prying eyes away. 

 More than 13.000 Happy Customers already and counting! 


Introducing the Ultimate Anti-Spy Magnetic Phone Case! 📱✨

Guard your conversations and protect your digital life with our cutting-edge phone case designed for those who value privacy without compromising on style. Stay one step ahead of prying eyes and make a statement with technology that truly reflects your lifestyle. Your secrets. your calls. your style — all secured in one sleek case. 🕵️‍♂️🔐💼

Elevate your privacy game and embrace a new era of secure communication. Because in a world where information is everything. your privacy is non-negotiable. 🌐🚫 #PrivacyFirst #TechStyleRevolution

 Unlock Your Privacy Potential

Keep your moments truly yours with Metal Privacy Case. No more prying eyes. just you and your phone.

Total Security. Total Style

Elevate your phone experience with the ultimate privacy solution. Your secrets. your style – all in one sleek case.

Do You Have Protection?

Now what's the real purpose of any case? Correct. protecting your phone from any unnecessary damage. With it's front and back protection you'll have complete peace of mind.

360° Full Body Protection

The Clear anti peek Tempered Glass Case provides 360 degree protection for your screen and is held together by Aluminium Metal.

Privacy Screen Protector

This Privacy case has a built-in privacy screen protector which protects your privacy at all times. This prohibits unwanted viewers from seeing your screen.

Wireless Charging Compatible 

No longer experience the hassle of having to remove your phone case in order to wirelessly charge your phone. Our case is designed to be 100% compatible with any wireless charger.

16.000+ Happy Customers


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